Sunday, 19 May 2013

Caravan Living

A lot has changed for us over the last few months, we decided over our Christmas break last year to upgrade from our Penguin Camper Trailer to a caravan. This would be a positive step towards living and travelling full-time around Australia eventually.

On our way back from holidays, I was checking out the vans for sale, and found the "perfect" van in Newcastle. Arrived home Wednesday night and Thursday morning drove to Newcastle to check it out. Signed the papers, organised finance etc... and YAY! We had a caravan. Picked up our 2011 model Jayco Discovery Off-Road Pop-Top on the Friday of the Australia Day Weekend and headed straight up to Myall Lakes National Park to try her out. Happy Days!

Had an extremely wet & windy weekend, but we were snug in our little abode, sitting under the awning and watching all the other poor campers in their tents dealing with the torrential downpour. Wow! we were smug. After arriving home to our rental house, we were given the news on the following Wednesday that the owners would not be renewing our lease. We had to move. Serendipitous or what?? We quickly decided to sell up what we could, store the rest and move into the van.

And that's where we are now - and, so far... so good! For our eventual plans to travel, this is probably the best decision we could have made... we have realised that for full-time living, although this van is more than adequate, we would prefer a full-size van (not a pop-top) for extra storage. We would also prefer a full-size ensuite instead of the little shower/toilet setup we have at the moment. So, sometime between now and when we set off, we will be upgrading. We won't bother with the off-road version (if we really want to head "off-road, we'll take a tent and leave the van) and will invest in the other little luxuries (more bench space in the kitchen a larger ensuite). If only we could win the lotto and get going now!