Saturday, 4 February 2012

Taming My Inner Ostrich

Yep, you read right... avoidance much people? And when I go into avoidance I really do my damndest to block out EVERYTHING. On looking for this picture of an ostrich with it's head buried in the sand, I discovered that this is actually a fallacy.... they don't actually do this behaviour. That would be for us humans to emulate ... figuratively speaking anyway! And I think I am the Grand Dame (female equivalent of Master you know) of this ridiculousness. So, what have I been avoiding you ask?? Hmmm... The 12WBT Pre-Season Tasks! Ridiculous I know!

I am able now to come forward and admit to you all that ... well, I'll put up my commitment first and then continue:

"Michelle, I thought, having done this program once before that the Pre-Season Tasks would be a snap... WRONG!! I think in many ways they have been more confronting (except the kitchen makeover... cause it's still made over from last time). So I Morag Armet do commit to you Michelle Bridges and to the whole 12WBT family, that I WILL follow the nutrition plan, WILL stick to the 1200 calories per day and WILL excercise consistently 6 days per week to achieve my goals. I also acknowledge that being human I may stuff up on occasions and stumble or fall... IF this happens, I PROMISE that I WILL pick myself up, dust myself off and continue on the path to good health and fitness that I have chosen for my future."

I really thought that the Pre-Season tasks would be a snap... and then, when I had to do them... WOW, I did not want to face all that. My excuses... they should be all gone by now shouldn't they?? Apparently not. And that scared me.... especially the one that said: "I don't deserve to be fit, or thin, or happy, or healthy" Like a dagger to the heart, made me cry. I know now that I have soooo much work to do on my mindset, but that's ok! I'm worth it.... and I know this how? Cause my kids tell me... and I have a glimmer of that realisation too. It's good. It is so wonderful that my kids are proud of me... but I still feel undeserving. Yep, I'm a work in progress... just like everyone else in this world. Bring it on!